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Aesthetic Revitalization Cosmetic

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Just spend them with you If I could make days last forever If words could make wishes come true


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Dellavie Proud

Dellavie ingredient story

Dellavie’s Think.

Honest Proof Raw Materials

We do not believe natural ingredients are definitely good
for skin while artificial ingredients are definitely bad for skin.

Cosmetics are similar to foods, safe and proven materials are good for skin, but using unsafe materials cause skin problems.
Dellavie's commitment to genuine skin health starts with precious ingredients.
All product ingredients are safe for skin.

Trust Dellavie.

Scientifically Safe and Proven Raw Materials

All of Dellavie's ingredients are validated via SCI-class papers,
Ecocert certification, patent retention, EWG green rating, and rigorous testing.
Dellavie products are formulated only with ingredients that have positive effects on the skin.

As a tree with strong roots produces beautiful fruit,
Dellavie, which starts with healthy ingredients, will lift your skin to its very best.
esthetic Revitalization Cosmetic
  • SCI(Science Citation Index) 로고

    SCI(Science Citation Index)SCI-level papers

    Science Citation Index (SCI) refers to the "Science and Technology Paper Index,”
    a journal (overseas) that is considered to have high technical value. SCI papers refer to all published papers.

  • ECO CERT 로고

    ECO CERTEcocert certification

    This certificate is issued for products containing more than 95% natural ingredients or containing 5-10% organic ingredients.



    EWG (Environmental Working Group) is an American non-profit environmental organization. This is a cosmetic ingredient safety index based on objective data from the 'Skin Deep,’ an online site for cosmetic stability evaluation, by researching human health and environmental issues.

  • PATENT 로고


    Patents are available for industry administrative measures that confirm new inventions. For cosmetics, manufacturing, formulation, It can be divided into composition patents.

Our challenge.

Silicone is widely used in kitchenware and medical equipment.
In cosmetics, silicone is applied to the skin and forms a thin protective film that maximizes spread and moisture. Its function is to help with moisturizing by preventing evaporation.

Silicon truth

However, this is a temporary solution. Eventually, the silicone film interferes with the skin’s pores, making it difficult for the skin to breathe. Also, the European Union has highlighted issues such as carcinogenicity and genetic variation for cyclotetrasiloxane and cyclopentasiloxane among silicone components.

Considering the silicone and its issue, Dellavie adopted all silicone-free formulas to its skin product which are free from artificial moisturizing membranes. All of the products were developed based on actual test with customers, researchers, and dermatologists.

The development of all silicone-free
products is the pride of Dellavie.

In the name of the compound, most of silicon contains "sil" and "con",
and the most commercially available silicon includes dimethicone, vinyl, and silica.
Our own recipe.

Solid formula

Comfortable Silicone-Free Formula for Breathable Skin

  • Scientifically Safe and Proven Raw Materials
  • Free from Artificial colors
  • Contains only natural ingredients, free from artificial preservatives
  • Multi-molecular technology for deep nourishment
  • Argeville from France, A natural, allergen-free scent blended.
  • Tested for Skin Irritation
  • A non-irritating, LHA formula helps to reduce dead skin cells and wastes